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Permanent Pokemon Wants



Dragonite DX Tomy

Snorlax Pokedoll [USA 2009 OR 2007 Release]

Mewtwo Figures

Armored Mewtwo Bootie

Mewtwo vs Mew Diorama

Mewtwo Mountain Zukan

Mewtwo TCG

Funskool Mewtwo

Mewtwo Base Set - 1st Edition
Mewtwo Expedition 20-165
Mewtwo Expedition 20/165 - Holo

Rocket's Mewtwo 14/132

Mewtwo Lv.X 2008 Tin Promo DP28

Mewtwo EX Next Destinies 54/99

Battle Carnival 2011 Merch

Anything With This Magnificent Artwork [Sleeves/Posters/Leaflets...]

World Championships 2006 Merch

World Championships 2006 Binder

World Championships 2006 Deck Box

World Championships 2006 Backpack

Low Priority

Electronic Hasbro Lugia [Box Not Necessary]

Jakks Haunter

Jakks Gengar

Jakks Gastly

Jakks Entei

Bulbasaur Banpresto Keychain

Cubone Pokemon Time Strap

Mewtwo Misc. TCG Items

Mewtwo Lv. X 2008 Tin

Mewtwo EX Team Rocket Returns Booster Pack [Cards Not Necessary]

Mewtwo EX Holon Phantoms Booster Pack [Cards Not Necessary]

1998 Official Blue Binder

2004 Pokemon Center Binder

Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Binder

Mewtwo Plastic Coin

Other TCG

Haunter [Vending S3-1]; Haunter [Vending S3-2]

Shining Charizard [Neo Destiny - 107/105]; Charizard [CD Promo]; Charizard [Neo Premium File 2]

Shining Raichu [Neo Destiny - 111/105]; Pikachu [Fossil - 60/64 - 1st Edition W Stamp]

Shining Gyarados [Neo Revelation - 65/64]

Dragonite [WotC Promo #5]; Dragonite [GB Promo]

Slowking [Neo Genesis]

ex Team Rocket Returns: Rocket’s Snorlax ex [ex Team Rocket Returns - 104/109]

Machamp [Masaki Mail Promo]

Giovanni [Gym Challenge - 18/132 - Holo]

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